Your ship delivery, our project

Strategic relocations, purchases of existing and new vessel. Perhaps you simply need your vessel to be moved in a one-off operation. Ship delivery is a TOS speciality. Your destination is our project. For an all-in price and in accordance with clear terms and conditions, we take responsibility for sailing your vessel to its new destination. We are specialised in the relocation of all types of vessels. TOS can arrange flag state registration, certification and the transfer of any instructions to the new crew. TOS has developed a training program specially for vessels equipped with ASD which involves us using our portable tug training simulator.

  • Specialist knowledge through many years of experience
  • All kinds of ships
  • Experienced and professional crew
  • Daily report to client
  • Training of new crew at destination
  • (Temporary) flag-changing of a ship
  • Temporary certification (if necessary)
  • ISM certification

ship delivery jobs

Piracy and risk assessment

The constant threat of piracy in certain areas of the world means the way we prepare and implement vessel deliveries has changed radically in recent years. TOS issues a customised ‘Piracy Plan‘ for every vessel, route and client, based on the right balance between safety and costs. In this connection, we perform a risk assessment of the route and the vessel. If necessary we deploy armed security staff. In those instances, TOS works closely with professional security companies.

Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to move your assets around the world?
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